Driver to My Book World Edition

Where can I download a driver to my computer with OS Windows 7 ?


you don’t need special driver for My Book World device to work with Win 7…

Mine works just fine without any “drivers”… didnt even used software cd which came with device.

hey jazzymood,

I bought USB2 type: A/A, Gender: Male/Male (for pc to pc or pc to device with type"A" connection usb cable.

I am planning to use a cable connection from the my world book 2 edition (blue ring) directly connected to my pc.

however, it is not detecting it

Am i doing something wrong here , please advise

If I remember right, isn’t that model for network access only? I don’t think it’s DESIGNED to hook to a PC directly - the USB port is just so you can attach an additional external hard drive to it, the World Edition is designed to be a Network Attached Storage device only.

@ sirk3n23: ohh, I must dissapoint you - My Book World is really not designed to attach it directly to PC via usb as ‘Dreadgod’  correctly told already.

Is it not just ‘external usb hdd’ but more advanced thing… inside it is ARM Linux OS.