Driver software for old WD2500C032 drive has Trojan virus

Ladies and gentlemen:  Anyone seen this ?  I was unable to get my new Lenovo Thinkpad Win 7 64-bit laptop

to recognize the subject drive. Thinking that maybe i was missing the necessary driver SW,

I downloaded it from the WD site.  Upon attempting to install this SW, my Norton AV said it

had a Trojan virus in it and blocked installation. I removed the SW. Just connecting the HD to my laptop

(the green circular light is on and I can hear the disk spinning) and asking the laptop to “search” for it does not result in

anything - at least not within 10 minutes.  I remember in previous recent tries with this HD on my

other Dell E6500 laptop that it did in fact work OK.  No clue what to do next.  Any ideas?


The drive is a plug and play device and normally uses Windows Generic drivers. Therefore you can be dealing with something else, try connecting the drive to a desktop computer and if possible connect the unit to the back USB port just to make sure if you having power issues. Please let me know how it goes.