Driver missing for MyBook Essentials. Cannot see disk in Windows Explorer


I have a 3TB USB 2.0/3.0 WD Essential Workbook. Upon purchase, I managed to setup and use the device successfully. I copied 1TB of files with no issues. A month later, when I reconnected it to my PC, I get a pop-up box stating that the driver cannot be found. Also, I cannot see the drive in Windows explorer. Further more, in device manager under other devices, I can see a yellow ! against SYMWAVE SES USB DEVICE.

If I go to the disk management on the PC, I can see the drive, with “not initialized” next to it. I do not want to initialize the disk, as I do not want to lose what’s on there.

I know there are a few post out there regarding this issue (I have read them all), but none seem to fix my problem.

I am running 64 Bit Vista.

Any help would be great, I have spent 2 days looking at this and have got nowhere.



if you initialize the drive it will prompt you if you want to format the drive. you can try and initialize the drive at your own risk