Driver is not recognised on Mac

Hi, I’m currently having this trouble where my 2TB WD External Drive is not recognised on my Macbook Air. I have tried to plug it in to different USB ports but it didn’t work. I’m so helpless and your help will be greatly appreciated.


Try replacing the USB cable and if possible, as a troubleshooting step, try it on another computer.

What macOS you running? Was it visible earlier and all of a sudden went unrecgonized?

Sorry to ask too many questions at once but do you hear some unusual sound from your WD?

Is your hard drive listed under Disk Utility? (Further in DU is your drive grayed out)?

I’ve tried it on my friend’s mac but was not recognized as well, but I haven’t tried another USB cable. But fortunately, it works now! On my mac! I just erased and formatted the disk and it worked. Thank you for your advice tho :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m currently using macOS Sierra version 10.12.5 and yes, at first it was visible and recognised by the laptop. the external disk didn’t make any sound, just normal sound when you plugged it into your laptop. But fortunately, it works now. I erased and formatted the disk. Thank you for your reply tho :slight_smile:

Formatting the hard drive removes minor cryptic errors that have bothered the drive. Good News :slight_smile:

Hi, so my WD My Passport Ultra 2TB used to work perfectly and then one day a few months ago it made these click sounds but my Macbook Air was able to detect it and after a few hours within that same day, the click sounds stopped. And just recently, maybe a week ago, it made these click sounds again but it was still detected then it was suddenly undetected then made these beeping sounds and some click sounds. Then just a few days ago, the beeping sounds stopped so it only makes these click sounds now. It’s still not detected ever since. PLEASE HELP!

Clicking sound from a hard drive indicates a possible component failure. Your drive might fail soon completely. Prepare your Mac backup and replace the disk.

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