Driver for Legacy Hard Drive

I have an older WD1200 RO15 External Hard Drive. It will only turn on rarely. Every couple of weeks I’d plug it in and If it decided to turn on, the computer couldn’t see it. If I shut it off it wouldn’t turn on again.

I bought it when I was still running either Windows 98 or Windows Vista. Now I’m running windows 7.

I thought I’d re-start from scratch, I uninstalled the program that’s on the disc which came with the unit. When I tried to reinstall from “Setup” I got a message that the driver was only compatible with Windows 98. I tried online downloads to no avail (a message said to Plaese Wait, the install shield was preparing…etc., but it never opened), after about 10 minutes of waiting I came to the Community.

What can I do to get it working? I now need to retrieve some of the files which are on that drive… I’ll save those files on an SD card, but for now I need to get the unit working long enough to do that.

Windows 7 should detect your drive without any problems :slight_smile:

Can you remove the hard drive from the external case and connect it diretly in the computer?

If the drive was designed for Windows 98, then newer operating systems may not have the driver set needed for this drive. Unfortunately, you will most likely need to find a computer that has a compatible operating system or maybe remove the drive from the enclosure if you need the data. Please note that removing the drive from the enclosure could possible damage it. Also, this is an old drive so it will most likely have an EIDE interface and not SATA like all current computers use.