Driver downloading links are dead


I’ve just received my WD My Cloud Mirror 4 To, which doesn’t come with drivers (which is stupid btw…) and forces you to download them off the WD website. Problem : the drivers links are either dead or when they work, stop at 40000 ko for some reason, and the file is 68 Mo… I tried to download them on two different computers, IPs, with/without adblock plus or antivirus, with IE, Firefox or Chrome. The problem clearly comes from WD. Is anything been done ? Thanks…

The link for the new 1.03 firmware works, it downloads all the way to the 92 mo of the file, but it’s useless to me as I don’t have the original WD drivers… Does somebody have them somewhere else than on the WD website ? Thanks… I’ve already filed a complain to WD, but no answer, and the links are still dead…

What “drivers” are you talking about? NASes don’t need drivers.

The WD My Cloud Mirror Setup for Windows. That’s the file I’m talking about. Still blocked at 40000 ko or dead. I can’t see the device on the network without this. 

**bleep** you Avast… That was the problem. No idea why it was blocking this, or cancel the dl at 40000 ko it’s just stupid… Sorry.