Drive visible but can't access

Mybook 320gb Premium, WDGIC3200E, Win XPpro.

This has run fine for 3 years now but suddenly lost its WD reference in “My Computer” and has just been given a standard drive reference of “I”. When opening, it shows as full, no space, no files yet there are over 22k photos on there visible with recovery software.

XP “System>Hardware” shows Buttons and Lights as missing a driver. Trying to reinstall the software or find a driver just doesn’t work. Any ideas anyone?

Thanks in advance.


If the drive shows used space but you can’t see it, then try a recovery software like TestDisk or Recuva, it sounds like dead sectors to me.

So you think it’s the drive, not XP. I thought maybe if I could find the driver it might be OK, oh well…

While I say I can see it as a drive, I can’t see it as a WD drive as per previously.

I had no need to recover the software as this was one of a pair of backup discs but I did try it with PC Inspector, a free download and it recovered every single file with no problems. Took around 24 hours to do though!. Is there no way of getting it back to life then?


I’ve seen Partition Find And Mount  recommended by a couple of knowledgabel people on other forums.