Drive Tray Available for EX2100?

I’m sure they’re the same for all EX series systems… Where can I purchase a spare drive tray for the EX2100 series NAS?

My normal operation is to use RAID 1 to mirror the drives, break the mirror occasionally and swap in another drive to be re-mirrored, and take the removed drive off-site to secure storage. But it is really inconvenient if the “third” drive is not in a carrier and ready to be swapped into service.

I’ve looked all over and can’t seem to find a place to purchase- either on or another source.

I just want to make sure this is available and I can do this before purchasing the EX2100.



Just to clarify, you mean some kind of carrying case for to protect the internal drive when you take it off site?

Negative- the drive mounts in a tray (at least that’s what I’ve always called them) when it is inserted into the EX2100… you don’t just slide a bare drive into the slot. They drive itself has to mount on something, no?

As far as I know it is the bare drive. There is no enclosure around the drive to be guided in there. Btw I find this pretty neat.

You’re absolutely right… I hadn’t really looked at the picture of the system with the drive door opened… it’s just a door, not a whole tray. This is excellent as it allows you to easily swap in a drive without doing the dance with the carrier.