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In reference to that thread, I can’t get this to work for me.  To me it seems like the code is already in there (quote:

In further Updates of my Non Moviesheet / Linksheets Themes … I will include the code for all the Views) as I am using the Alaska Dark Vertical theme.

So it appears all I need to do is add the images (no extension) to the themes root and it should work. I’ve named the files exactly the same as the WDTVLiveHub and my attached hard drive.

Any idea why this doesn’t work? Am I missing a step?

Thanks in advance!

Did you download the “Test Theme”  (3 posts down)

None of the downloads on my main theme page contain the code.

I realize i said i will include the code in further updates… but that was over a year ago and i never got around to updating all the versions.

But you can cut’n’paste the code out of the “Test Theme” if you like.

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Joey, first of all… thank you so much for what you have done withall of this. Really appreciate it.

I will try that. Can you let me know which specific files to paste the code in? I want to be sure I don’t muck it up.

Thanks again!

Unzip the Test Theme… these are the following XML you can cut’n’paste into any of the “Dark” themes

(all the Dark themes are the same except for the “Gallery View”)

(Just copy the entire xml file and paste and overwrite )





(you will notice i did’nt list… rv_gallery_browse_page.xml that’s because Drive Thumbnails will not work in that view.)

P.S. the size for the Thumbnails is 300x450 (or you could use any size eg. 200x300)

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This worked! Thanks so much for your time.