Drive Temperature

I have fitted a WD20EADS-00R6B0 into a ICY BOX IB-362 series external enclosure.

It is connected by esata to a Dell XPS 420.

The problem is that the drive never spins down even when there is no data access for hours.

The temperature slowly climbs to around 50C with a ambient room temperature of 26C.

Should I be concerned and is there a fix?

Hi there, 

In the environmental specs I’ve found  here it shows as 0-60 been normal operating temperature. About the drive running continuously, well , the drive will run as long as the enclosure “tell it” to go, if you can . The info I got online shows that there’s people having similar issues with this kind of enclosure not letting the drives hibernate.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Wizer,

I was hoping the drive firmware would auto spin down when inactive for a while.  Listening closely to the enclosure I can hear a faint tick every half second so I suppose the enclosure firmware is activating something.

Strangely,  when no cable is attached to the eclosure,  USB or esata,  the drive spins up then down within 20 seconds on power up.

If left to run at a constant 50C,  do you think these drives will fail early or is the 0 - 60C  a ‘safe’ working temperature?



Ok, sorted.

A bit of magical code and the spin down is now OK.


What sort of magical code did you write and where did you apply it?  There are several of us who have issues with drives not spinning down in various enclosures and would love to know if your solution is applicable to ours.