Drive suddenly reported as not initialized

My WD Caviar Blue (500Gb) is not responding anymore and reported as not initialized in Windows Drive manager.

Tried to recover it using DiskGenius, but DiskGenius doesn’t see the drive. I’m pretty sure all data is still on the disk, but how can I repair it?

I connected it to another (healthy) PC by a USB/IDE convertor. Disk Manager shows the disk, but no capacity. The disk is indicated Unknown and not initialized. Any tips to recover my data?

What does CrystalDiskInfo report?

Can you retrieve the drive’s ROM and firmware modules (SA)?

CrystalDiskinfo doesn’t “see” the disk.

WD LifeGuard Diagnostic recognises the disk, but can’t read the SMART status, reports the disk capacity as 0 Gb, but the test result is “Passed”.