Drive stopped working properly

Hello, I’ve had my 1TB WD passport SE for almost a year now (5 days from the warranty expiring).

Anyways, earlier today I was watching a video off of my drive, and then the video started freezing up. I closed the video, and reopened it, but it was still doing the same.  So, I closed the video again, and did a safe drop on the drive.  I plugged the drive back in, and was not prompted with the ‘auto play’, so I went into my computer. 

The drive is listed there as “Local Disk (G: )”, but if I try to access it then my computer stops responding and closes.   Then I went to disk manager, and it shows my drive  “WD My Passport 0740 USB Device” and in properties it says it is working properly. 

I also tried going to Disk management, and it says “Loading disk configuration information” at the bottom of the screen, and it has been like that for about 30 minutes.  I am also trying to run the WD quick formatter; it detected my drive, and has been formating for probably an hour. 

I can also say that the indicator light is blinking constantly, and the drive is spinning since I can feel the vibration.

If anyone can help, then it would be greatly appreciated.

ok, so now my computer had an update which forced it to restart.  Once the computer tuned back on, I went into disk managment, and this time it actually let me in to format the drive, but then it froze and is not responding…

Well it looks like it might actually work this time; it says formatting even though it keeps locking up my computer, so we will see.

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