Drive standby

My disk will not go into standby.  After several hours f testing I have found that if I do the following:

/etc/rc2.d/S20samba stop the drive will go into standby.  I;ve found that when samba is running

that the disk is written twice every minute.  The following script if run with a parameter of 10 will

display 8 0 0 and 24 0 0 once every minute.

I can’t determine what file is written.  But If I stop samba my drive will go into stanby for up to a few hours

before it will wake up again.  If you look at the /var/log/user.log file you will see the following message.

Mar 1 15:02:18 LauralandHardy logger: exit standby after 626 (since 2015-03-01 14:51:52.811036001 -0500)

This message shows that the drive exited standby mode at 15:02:18 after having entered standby 626 seconds

ago at 14:51:52

Save this code as and then sh 10

while :; do
iow_root=awk -v disk="md1" '{if ($3==disk) print $10}' /proc/diskstats
ior_datavol=awk -v disk="sda4" '{if ($3==disk) print $6}' /proc/diskstats
iow_datavol=awk -v disk="sda4" '{if ($3==disk) print $10}' /proc/diskstats
d=date +%k-%M-%S
let a=iow_root-iow_rootold
let b=ior_datavol-ior_datavolold
let c=iow_datavol-iow_datavolold
echo $d “root” $iow_root “datavol” $ior_datavol “datavol” $iow_datavol $a $b $c
sleep $1


Have you tried turning off remote access and media server? Just to verify if the drive still comes out of standby.

Yes remote access is turned off.  Also media server is turned off.  I’ve talked to Second level support and they say

this should not be happening.  They captured the logs and are looking into the problem.


Let us know the outcome of that checkup by Level 2 Support, please. And the solution, if any.
I suspect there will be no outcome and no solution.