Drive Spin Question

hi guys trying to get a straight answer to this question so i though WD forums might be the best place to find out

i have several 2tb WD greens in my Windows Home Server and i plan to buy some reds soon but i wanted to know should i spin down the drives 

i currently do they are set to spin down after 90 minutes my reason behind this is some of the drives i dont access very often but some i access a couple times a day either through accessing videos or downloading onto them or performing mirror backups which i keep on drives offline which i attached to a Docking station to perform the backups

backups are not done everyday perhaps every 3 days to 1 week

is it a good idea to use spindown on these drivers and also should i use spindown when i get some red drives and finally is 90 minutes a good amount of time to wait for spindown or should it be less or more

what do mean by use “spindown” are you refering to the head park setting in the firmware ?

or maybe the tool that is given out by WD to people *sometimes privately ?

Anyway based on your usage i would just leave them alone… by default they will be set to park their heads in a fairly quick time and after that i am not too sure about spin time but i think windows can setup when they go to sleep so to speak in the power options in the control panel. did you see those options in there and try them out yet ?

If your rarely using the hardware its best to put it to sleep or make it go dormant etc

Why waste the limited life span of hardware just being idle.

All electronics going back in history have a rated life span and people seem to forget that about pc parts

and just assume they bought xyz so it should last forever and they are not designed that way.

Whether it’s a toaster from the 70’s or an SSD drive they all have a life span that is estimated at the factory.