Drive sounds and noise interference on MacBook audio channel


I have a G Raid w/ Thunderbolt 12tb hooked to a MacBook Pro. I also have powered speakers hooked up to the headphone jack. Since day one when the drive is hooked up to the MacBook I hear drive noise and whine through the speakers. Remove the drive the noise goes away. Add different external drives no noise. I’ve tried this on a different MacBook with same results. It’s clear it’s the G Raid drive is introducing the interference to the audio channel. It makes no difference whether the connection is via thunderbolt or usb. Noise and whine happens anytime the drive is connected to the system.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any solutions?


Hello, mikemahaffey

Maybe you should try contacting G-DRIVE, G-RAID and G-STUDIO Support about this.

To Contact G-DRIVE, G-RAID and G-STUDIO Support for Technical Support