Drive slowness & unfriendlyness (WD vs Seagate)

  1. Is it true these backup drives are not intended for externals - doesn’t mention that in all the expensive ads - and;
  2. Are all backup drives that difficult - they all seem convoluted and disconnected in their steps!? Right now I’m on the WD screen that has the tabs ‘Home-Backup-Retrieve-Settings-Help’, and none of them lead to your scheduled backups!! WTH is it!?

Surely most is operator error / ineptitude - but more details for your diagnosis:
I have a humongous amount of pictures (90k+) scattered over C drive & five externals.
Started with a Seagate 4T Backup +, which was not user friendly and never finished!! Seagate support says they’re not intended to backup externals and probably won’t work. Well, they did! So, what’s the difference - a drive is a drive, right!?
So I ordered the WDMB6T - a little friendlier but still took 4 days!
1st suggestion from WD support was to eliminate my Anti-Virus (Avast). Says it was scanning going in and coming out - done.
But, not before downloading Windows Security Essentials! Running Windows 7, which doesn’t come with an integral AV. Had been told before that’s really all I need. Some improvement (down to 2 days!:wink: but still very slow!
Kept the Seagate B+ and did a ‘pictures only’ backup - for added insurance (not backing up SB+ to WD).
Now I can start to delete pictures with multiple copies and clean up this quagmire of ineptitude I’ve created!!:wink:

jim, DnC in SC

Hi, a few questions:

  • How are you backing up the files?
  • Are this external drives or internal drive on a enclosure?
  • Does your computer have USB 3.0?
  • Does your drives support USB 3.0?