Drive shows up in Device Manager, but has otherwise vanished


Got my 1.5 TB WD about 6 months ago. when i brought it home and installed it, it simply didn’t show up on my list of hard drives. First time this has hapenned. Interesting, so I check in Device Manager. Sure enough, there she is in her (not so 1.5 TB) 1.3 TB glory. shows as functioning. even more curious, I eventually get to the point where i reduce it to a 1.2 TB partition, further stunting the space. YAY! it works. I have a hard drive…I’m not really happy about this development, but I live with it. Well just today I updated my 32-bit vista to 64-bit Windows 7.

Guess what?

All drives show up except for WDC WD15 EADS-00H7B0 SCSI Disk Device. I’m good natured enough to laugh this stuff off, as annoying as it may be. Only this time I’m certainly not laughing. This time I have a FULL 1.5 TB hard drive that isn’t showing up…is there an incompatibility that with 64 bit systems and some Western Digital devices that I’m not aware of? That certainly wouldn’t explain why it glitched out on my 32-bit Vista though.

If someone could shed some light on this, I’d be greatly appreciative. Below I have a link to a screenshot i took. It illustrates one of my working (western digital) drives, designated as green, and the non-working drive designated in red.

As can be seen clearly, the volume information for both drives have been populated. However the one marked in red has no properties options and does not have a letter designation like the other.

Thanks for reading this. PLEASE if anyone has any ideas, give a shout. I’m really not wanting to lose all my data.


Alright, managed to wake it up without killing my data. Just popped the 7 install disc back in, hit “update”, and got to the page where it asks which drive you want to put windows on. Apparently refreshing the drives in this manner did the trick, because where before I had a drive without a letter designation…i know have a J drive that is 1.23 TB. Yay… a happy ending after all. Hopefully it stays this way.

Anywho, hope this thread helps anyone else with similar problems.



Apparently this process with the windows 7 disc must be repeated every reboot. So yeah. I’m out of idea’s. Having lots of issues now. Starting to think that most of it is revolving around my rather (by todays’ standards) dated nforce P5N-SLI motherboard. Already fixed an ethernet problem by switching away from onboard internet. Now I’m having sound problems related to newer nvidia drivers. lovely. I give up lol…this is just silly.