Drive serial number

How can I find out the serial number of my internal drive? Is there a method to find this using the OS (Windows Vista 32bit) so that I can do this without the need to remove and examine the device?

Nope - open the case, remove the drive, and copy down the serial number. If you haven’t done it already - same thing applies to video card,CD/DVD drive, etc that has been installed by you or someone else.

Hi you can dowload a trial copy of hd tune pro. Under the info tab it will give you the serial number


Thanks. It took a few seconds to download this software, install it and capture the serial numbers. Much preferable to the other suggestion (open the box, take out the drive, drop it, spill coffee over it, wipe it clean, put it back, notice I forgot to note the serial number, take out the drive, note the serial number, check it again, put it back, close the box, bang my head on the desk as I try to stand up, try to reboot, open the box, reattach the power cable to the drive, close the box, reboot and get some more coffee.

Great big thank you.

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Desert Jerry,

please see Hammey’s idea. Much improved method.:manhappy:

Or, you can follow the link below and use (if using Windows) WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostic software:

I tried the WD tool and it works fine. I bit clunky, but still far, far better than having to open the box. Thanks.

Thanks for the reminder - I had WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostic 1.24 for Windows installed but had not remembered that it was capable of listing serial and part numbers. My bad (now I’ll have to try to remember that inforamtion in the future).