Drive reports size as 32M only

Drice WD10EADS . Though I could use this as an internal drive. I tried to partition but now it only reports its size as 32M insteas of 1TB. How can I repair it?  Can it be used as an internal drive?

Thank you Barrie Storm

Hi dude, the drive can be used as an internal, if it shows such a small size… Then what if you try to partition the drive again just in case the rest of the space needs to be formatted as well?

Any more details can help on this case!

Your Gigabyte BIOS (Award ?) is trying to grab about 2000 sectors at the top end of the drive in order to store a backup copy of itself for BIOS recovery purposes. To do this, it hides the copy in a Host Protected Area (HPA).


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“Xpress Bios Rescue”:

Unfortunately, the BIOS code has a bug that causes it to miscalculate the size of the drive. In your case it reduces its capacity by 1TB, leaving you with only 32MB. A 1.5TB is reduced to 500GB, and a 2TB is reduced to 1TB.

You can restore the full native capacity of your drive using HDAT2 or HDD Capacity Restore Tool: