Drive Replacement Help

I bought  WD caviar black GB  I purchased to replace some of my old drives.  I used the acronis software that WD has I was able to clone my C drive over with out incident and now run off that but I have  2 IDE drives that I want to get rid of but transfer the files programs and all settings over to the drive.  I can’t seem to find any program that will allow me to, acronis doesn’t let me choose it, other programs from acronis too just say that there is already a partition on there do I wanna delete well of course not.   Anybody have any ideas what to do to??? I really would appreciate IM at my wits end I have ample size on drive and I don’t exceed the volume partitions allowed by windows  4 partitons.  I have vista x64 if helps

When you install a program, the program’s settings and user customisations are usually written to the registry. The registry will be on your C: drive. Furthermore, such settings often refer to a specific drive letter. Therefore, simply copying the program files from one volume to another may not work.

If your two IDE drives were secondary drives, then you should be able to copy each to its own partition on your new drive, provided that each partition is given the same letter that was assigned to the respective IDE drive. You should be able to do this via drag-and-drop in Explorer.

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