Drive repair ideas - WD 2500D032 Model

Hello Everyone, 

I have a WD Mybook 2500D032 model external. I’ve had it since 06’ and its been working great until now. 

Its not recognized by any computer, also whether I use firewire or USB.

It powers on fine, but when I listen in close, the drive sounds like its spooling up for a second, but then stops. It does this over and over and over until I unplug it and turn it off.

Any ideas on what can be done to salvage the drive?

Thank you for your help.

sounds like a head damage. does it click?

sorry for late reply, 

it dos not click. just spools up, then a second later stops, then back up again.

might be a board issue. try cleaning contact pads on the PCB with an eraser where it mates with the press fit connector for the heads.

I get the PCB, but you lost me at " where it mates with the press fit connector for the heads"