Drive registrations have disappeared

Yesterday, 2013.08.11, I bought another MyBook Essentials and registered it.  I also have several other WD drives, MyBook Live, MyBook Essentials, internal WD Blacks (a few).  All of them were registered at time of purchase.  It used to be that the site retained all the registrations that was crucial for warranty and upgrade purposes.  None of those registered drives can be found on the WDC website.  What happened?

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In what colum are you looking for your registered drives?

As you can see in the picture,  this drive is from 2011 and still shows register even when out of warranty for about two years.

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Hi John,

Thanks for the fast reply. Your sample shot is exactly what I saw after registering my new purchase yesterday… a single item, no other drives.  I checked my archives and found that I have/had over 20 WD drives purchased since 2003. I have a snapshot of the registration page from 2009 which shows a completely different layout.  So, I made the assumption that the drive information was trashed when the new web page was designed. I then gathered up my archive information and re-registered them.  Drive information for out-of-warranty drives could not be entered.  The registration process would only accept in-warranty items.  As can be seen from the attached, I was successful in entering and storing the past purchases.

Thanks again for your help…


I’m glad we were able to sort this out.

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Why can’t I registrate 2 of 4 products? It cost me time and frustrations. Hope it just a small fault one way or another.

Per-Arne Berger


See the problem but had with warranty to do.

Per Arne Berger


See the problem but had nothing with warranty to do.

Per Arne Berger


Can you please be more specific as of what happens when you try registering your drive? 

I too am missing my Registed Product(s).  

They were there on a few days ago on Dec 25, 2013 since I had created a Case from there, but now it shows nothing.

But when I try to re-register the device, it shows as already registered and also appears in the drop down when starting a New Case.

Any ideas?