Drive Recommendation for 2014

My customer is using the RE  WD5003ABYX on their current project.  They are re-designing the product and will release in 2014.  What will be the equivalent drive model (with longevity) in 2014 ?   500GB?  1TB?  My distributor is unable to answer the question.

Hi maybe I am reading the question wrong, but are you asking for a hard drive model number that has not been made yet and wont be until 2014 many changes come in a year with pc’s who knows what they will have by then. 

I agree.  Things change fast.  The sweetspot for the customer is 500GB currently even though they only require 250GB.  By 2014, maybe the sweetspot in terms of price/capacity will be 1TB.  Don’t necessarily need a model #.  The main driver for the customer is a stable supply since changes take 2+ months to implement (everything is on print).

Hi yes but now they have 4tb drives so I would have to say in a year 2 tb would be normal but that is a guess only. 1 tb drives are normal now even hp puts 1tb drives in there systems.