Drive Recognition

Does anybody else find that the new WDTV Live takes 10-15 seconds before it recognizes the external Hard Drive.

I had the original WDTV and that had no problems seeing the drive almost immediately.

Yes, both my units take at least this amount of time (which I mostly attribute to the thumbnail file being accessed).  Sometimes it takes much more, even up to 30 seconds to a minute or two.

Still yet another reason I went to streaming from net shares (which is recognized instantly).

hmmmm…I see.  You sure about the thumbnails though? Because I seemed to remember having the problem before thumbnails.

Lately I had the exact same problem, but this new prerelease firmware solved mine. but firstly pay attention about the causes!

WDTV Live of mine was working almost perfect, then I set up my WiFi using a usb wireless adapter and afterward it freeze before finding external devices including both usb memory and external disks.

I came to this conclusion that in the cycle of finding medias, WiFi has a higher priority and it’s a little consuming for the device to scan medias in Wireless areas, and Parallel processing has nothing to do with finding medias here.

by updating to new firmware my WiFi settings are gone by now and solving the problem because of firmware update seems a little overrated!

you can confirm the cause I’ve mentioned and by then I will check new firmware by setting up WiFi all again.

Good Luck