Drive not showing on my computer. Any ideas?


I have a 2tb Wireless My Passport drive. I’ve gone through the set-up instructions, connected to wifi, and easily transferred files from my laptop to the drive via wireless. However, today this stopped working.

I called the customer support line, and they talked me through some command prompts to try, but nothing has worked. They suggested to try on another computer, but I don’t have another computer, so I can’t test this out until I can borrow one from someone.

I’d like to know if any of you have had the same problem, and managed to find an easy fix for it.

I can access the dashboard, and I can only access my files on the drive if I use the USB connection. My laptop runs Windows 10 if that’s of any help.

Many thanks.

You can only access the dashboard if you’re connected to it via WiFi, so I’m not understanding what you’re saying is NOT working.

I can’t see the drive on my computer, unless it’s connected by USB. Yesterday I could see the drive on my computer, when it was connected by WIFI, under Network, but today I can’t.

It’s bizarre as obviously the WIFI is working, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to view the dashboard.

have you try this command \ in windows explorer to see if share folder show up. If not backup your data and try to do a system+format restore to factory default.

Many thanks for your responses. Someone from WD Support suggested forgetting and reconnecting to the Wi Fi, which has done the trick.