Drive not registering with my computer

My external 1TB harddrive has been working fine for about five months until today, when it won’t register with my compuer.  The little WD Smartware disc icon shows up on my desktop, but there is no way to view or pull any content from my harddrive.  What did I do wrong. I have just downloaded and installed the new firmware update and there is no change.

Thanks for your help.

Post a little more info like OS and  model drive. Does the drive show in device manager or disk management?


Wow, thank you so much for the ridiculously fast reply.  

I am working with a 1TB MyBook for Mac and I am running OS 10.5.8.

So, it turns out if I leave MyBook plugged in for about an hour it finally registers on my computer, however, this used to only take about 30 seconds.  It is also now only readable. Which is not a problem, but it did switch over for some reason.

What can I do to insure that the drive will load faster?

Thanks again.

Sorry I don’t know about Macs there are a couple others here who are pretty knowledgabe ablout them. A question that might help them how is the drive formatted?  People often try and use on both Mac and Windows and reformat. This is just a user forum and people just trying to help each other.


I am not much of Mac user. As Joe requested (PM) I’ll try to give you some guide here.

You’ve said you could (read only) access your WD drive after one hour or so.

Based on that here’s what you should do.

  1. Once you have access to your drive, copy everything on WD drive to different location. (May take long time depending on amount of data and the state of the drive)
  2. Open “Disk Utilities” on your Apple once you have access to your drive. Make sure no other external drive is connected.
  3. Select your correct WD external drive from the list and go to formatting. Click on “Options” and unselect Master Boot Record (Intel) and select GUID. I think it is second radio button. Go ahead and format your drive.

If you need to use your drive on both Mac and PC, then it is a different way of formatting. Let us know. PM if you can, so you can get my attention fast enough.