Drive not reconized during Windows install

I am on Acer laptop with wdc wd10jpvx-22jc3t0 hard drive. My OS got corrupted so I am trying to re-install it using an external boot USB. I am on Windows 8.1, after I enter the product key and choose the language etc, it takes me to a screen where it says it cannot find any drive for the Windows installation.

The BIOS shows the HDD. I downloaded several drivers from this site to USB and tried to install the driver with no luck.

I tried with the WD SES driver from here but the installer is complaining that the driver is not correct/not digitally signed etc

Any suggestions to resolve this ?

Connect WD Green Mobile hdd (Model #wd10jpvx-22jc3t0) in computer and erase it using WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostic to erase the drive and then install operating system on to it.