Drive not recognized

Hey guys,

so, i recently bought a 500Gb passport elite to use as a backup drive, and i still have my older 320Gb pasport drive that i have had for a couple years.

i got the new passport elite installed, firmware updated, etc, and it works great…

ever since though my older 320Gb is not detected by the OS, even though the light on the drive lights up,

it doesnt show up in explorer, device manager, disk managment, nothing… but when i plug it into my netbook (Asus eee 1005HA) it shows up with NO problems whatsoever…

and before i installed the new passport elite, the older one worked flawlessly as my backup drive for months/years

can you only run one passport at a time on a PC? any ideas? this has me stumped…

this is my PC: (not sure how many of these details will be helpful)

OS:           Windows 7 home premium 64 bit

Board:        evga 780i motherboard

CPU:          Intel e8500 @ 3.5Ghz

Boot drive: OCZ Vertex 2 SSD 120Gb

2nd Drive:  Wester Digital Caviar 500Gb

External:    Wester Digital Passport Elite 500Gb

Power:       Kingwin SLI certified Modular 1000 watt PSU

GPU:          evga GTX 280

Case:         Antec 1200

Go into Disk Management and look on the left and scroll down where it says Volume0 etc find the drives right click there and see if they are both online if it’s offline change it.

like i said it doesnt show in disk managment whatsoever…

all it shows is my boot drive, my 2nd internal drive (media), and my newer passport elite (Backup)

am i missing something? Heres what it shows:


Hi - didn’t think I was this unsavvy…how do I get to Disk Management utility?  I’ve got the same problem…won’t recognize my external drive.  Thank s

In Windows 7 go into Administrative tools then Computer management and it will be on upper left side.


any ideas?

same problem :frowning:


please! still havent resolved this yet… google isnt helping :frowning: