Drive not recognized My Passport Ultra 2 TB

I have a My Passport Ultra 2 TB

it seems to be getting power since

  1. the LED turns on
  2. feels like disk moving
    the issue is the OS will not pick up the drive and my drive is out of warranty.

how can i get it repair?

Hi Mandola,

It seems that your operating system is not supporting your drive and that’s why you are facing this issue. I would suggest you to go to device manager and update the drives driver software and check whether your drive starts getting detected by system or not.

I have several WD my passport, for my company and suddenly many of them just have stoped working, those are detected as mass storage drives in device manager, but windows can’t mount the drives, sometimes the device is showed in disk manager’s as not initialized device sometimes doesn’t show at all, I guess that is a programmed obsolescence of the device, because all those have been acquired by the same dates and have stop working by the same dates as well, my suggested solution is to ban WD at least is what I did for my company… if you take a look on google’s you will find out that is an often problem whit WD’s external drives.
so you might recover the data from the drive by contacting a data recovery company. (