Drive not found by Mac

My Passport 1T drive can’t be recognized on my MacBook Pro though I tried to change USB ports. I am planning to make a Windows 10 install USB to fix my computer.

You can try some DIY methods : to fix the issue.

Hope it will help you !!

I’m having a similar problem. My Passport isn’t showing up when I plug it in. I ran First Aid and everything checks out fine. And I opened the System Profiler, where it’s showing up under the USB Device Tree, so it appears that my MacBook Pro is recognizing it, but it’s not showing up. The same thing happened a couple months ago, so I changed USB ports and it worked fine. Now it doesn’t work in either port. Ideas?

I have the same problem with my passport for Mac 4TB disk and my Apple iMac. No solution yet. I have to reboot my computer in order to view the folders and access.

Prepare an empty USB for this,16gb will do,then download.iso file and burn it to USB,do like this:
next you can do what you want.

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it is 1T