Drive Not Detected by Routers

I thought my drive was bad as it stopped being detected by my ASUS Router. So I plugged it into my Xfinity Router and it was detected fine. So I went to the store, brought home a new TP-Link Router, but it won’t connect on that one either. What could be wrong?

More information is needed. what specific My Cloud model do you have? If you have a single drive My Cloud what color is the front LED when attached to a router where you indicate it is not being detected? Have you checked the Asus and TP-link router’s administration page to see if the router is handing out an IP address to the My Cloud when the My Cloud is connected to the router?

What does “stopped being detected” mean? Can you still access the My Cloud Dashboard? Is the My Cloud no longer accessible in Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder?

I actually resolved this. The IP Mode was set to a static address of, but the router was on a network of This caused the MyCloud to not be added to the network. Had to chnage the router network to in order to get access to the MyCloud and set back to DHCP. Posting this in case anyone else runs into this issue.

It obviously wasn’t accessible from anywhere as I said it’s not detected from my router.

Just because your router didn’t “detect” the My Cloud doesn’t mean the My Cloud won’t be accessible in some fashion to other devices on the local network. It all depends on how the local network is configured and what IP addresses the local devices are using.