Drive no longer seen by desktop

I have a 3 TB My Book External and a 1TB My Passport external had drive, both of them are not being seen (In Disk Management) at all by my desktop (8.1 Pro), but when I plug them into my laptop (8.1 Pro), they are seen without issues and can move files back and forth. I cant format the My Book as it has all photos, music, and such on it. I formatted the My Passport though and it still was not seen in Disk Management. On my Dekstop I have plugged them into all 10 USB ports and the results are the same, not even seen in USBDeviceViewer or Disk Management.

Highly unlikely ALL my USB ports are bad as Thumbdrives still are seen and usuable.

Is there anything else I can do?


You can try updating the USB drivers on your desktop PC.

That was one of the first things I tried, along with making sure in my BIOS
that my ports are enabled. Still not seen by my computer.