Drive Names not showing

I have several My Cloud Home drives. When using local access, my user name shows as the drive name, not the drive name assigned in the configuration. WD Discovery correctly displayed the drive name, not the user name when mapping to the drive.

I reported this to support when the announcement of WD Discovery going away, but after several emails, nothing was resolved. They didn’t understand the issue and kept sending me to pages I already knew about and had read.

I confirmed this issue by resetting a drive, wiping all data and re-configuring it. Same thing, user name shows on mapping, not the assigned volume name.

In my case that means I have 3 volumes all showing the same same! Has anyone found a work around?

There are two places for users to specify MCH names, one from current device using the web app (browser):

The second place is from device-local-nnnn…nnn for local access (the local ip address of MCH)
where nnnnn…nnn is dependent on each MCH and ip address.

The two are not equivalent and could have different names.

Your description of the subject matter is not easily understood by WD support who may or may not have ready access or use the My Cloud Home very much or have observed the device under different conditions such as multiple units.