Drive mounted after 30 minutes(approx)

Hi guys. please help me. I bought 1TB Passport essential one month ago. it works fine. suddenly a problem starts. during copyng acertain files my disk was unmounted automatically. i was in a thought that it may be some error on that particular file… but still for the other files it works fine. 2 days ago when i connected to my pc it shows a message driver not loaded. also the drive not mounted and the light of the drive blinking. i waited for some time and pull the cord to disconnect and again connected but no improvement, same issue.  i am using windows XP professuional. then i went to my friends pc (Windows 7). there after 5-7 minutes, it detected. i then applied chkdsk utility. and it took about 10 hours to complete. again i came back to home same problem persist. but one thing if i maintained the connection for atleast an hour it get detected . when i browsing the folders again it got unmounted automatically. what should i do. please help. i hvae approx 200 gb of valuable data in the disk.

Make sure the drive is connected to an USB directly on the computer

if using a laptop try a different one or contact WD for a Power Booster cable

Hi Wizer, thanks for ur reply.

My Drive is directly connected with computer also i tried with interchanguin different computer, data cable, as well as different OS. but all my action is in vain. please share any ideas.

You will need to replace the drive