Drive mapping issue


i have a drive mapping question

i have managed to map my drive with only 2 of the 3 options in wd discovery

download is “y”

public is       “x”

however the one ive named as my own name wont map and i get the error messeage

multiple connections are not allowed diconnect all users of the same name and try again etc

i am using the same username and password as i did before i had to do a reinstall of widows xp after  a virus attack on my pc.

what am i doing wrong???

and is this the reason i cant see all my files that have been backed up previously ( a mp3 search doesnt show all my music files that i know have been backed up.

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This I don’t understand. Your original post indicated what sounds like a Windows user/ permissions problem. Which are a pig to figure out if you use Windows, but thinking in that direction should make things clearer. What groups are your different users members of, and what permissions masks are you using per user?


i think you may be complicating this more than it needs to be, or perhaps not understanding my question to start with.

when you first map the drive it defaults to three letters ,namley  " Z"… "X’ and “Y”…once done these can be seen as seperate drives in “my computer” in windows

i did this with no problems on initial istallation but since the need for reinstalling the windows operating system drives x and y are fine however drive z wont let me in without the user name and password. i am using the same user name and password as before but i get the error message stated in previous post.

these are effectivly partitions of the nas drive as far as i can tell and obviously if files are stored in z partition i cant get to them to earase any doubles that may have been stored there,if of course they are there to start with…

im pretty sure i have doubles and tripples of pics and songs stored on the drive for a number of reasons

  1. using the android app WD photos i can see lots of pics with 2-3 copies of each one

2  the capacity of the drive is 1 tb…  i have according to wd discovery 5.9 gig of files stored but wd is stating i have 890 gig left of space so where is theother 104.1 gig gone and what is using it???

3 the install of wd discovery that came with the drive on a cd was an earlier version to what i have downloaded from wd webpage , this version had an option to tick a box which would save multiple copies of the files from the pc it was backing up and when i reinstalled and ran  it i didnt realise this was ticked  

sorry to be blunt but maybe someone else could help with this problem if they read it  although i thankyou for your input

This is actually a Windows limitation. Since there are no credentials for the Public/Download folders, Windows is trying to connect to your user folder with no credentials even when you put a username/password in. You’ll need to either make the user a Public folder, or make Public and Download private with access from your username.

If you unmap all of your drives and restart, you’ll be able to access your User folder with the proper credentials. Windows stores the credentials until a restart. An easier way is to create an elevated command prompt and type:

net use /del *

This will also unmap all of your drives.

In some cases you can “fool” Windows into thinking the network device is different by mapping to its IP rather than its name, or vice-versa (the opposite of whatever y and x currently are). You’ll want to map directly to the user folder or the credentials for the Public folders will be stored and you will be unable to login with a second set of credentials.