Drive Letter - Wont work with Mapped Network Drive

Like the drive letter post author earlier I am dissapointed with the ■■■■ software bundle/driver palava that comes with this drive. I wanted to plug it in and have it appear as a drive letter, nothing else, nice and simple. KISS.

It can’t even do that. I bring it to work, go thru the installing of various ■■■■ and when we _finally_ get to being able to copy my files from it the stupid thing thinks it is registered as G: drive. I have a mapped network drive as G:.  The SmartWare (HAHAHAHA) says that the Passport SE is G:. Everything else on the computer registers the mapped network drive as G:

If I cant use this stupid thing to bring my files to and from home and work I will have to return it for a HDD that just acts like a hard drive (you know, being able to copy files to and from it easily)…

TLDR: My work system maps a network drive as G: when it logs in, my WD SmartWare makes the passport drive G:, nothing else can see it as G: and I can’t access my files.


I have no problem with mapped drives at my work. It comes up with what ever drive letter is available. I just plugged it in to test it, and it came up with E:. It may be due to the fact that I reformatted it to NTSF, so that I could save large files to it. Since I do not use the software that came with it, I do not know if it will work with it formatted like this.