Drive Letter for External Hard Drive

I’m testing my backup Server and would like to move away from tape and move towards external hard drive. I have two WD hard drives I am testing this out on, but the problem I’m having is that every time I unplug and plug in another external WD it changes the Drive letter. So I’ve went into Computer Management change the drive to the letter that I need it to be on, and the letter holds. When I plug in the previous external drive the letter on that changes. 

What I would like to know is there anyway that I can permanently keep the same drive letter to the WD external HD? If so please help I would like to implement this feature to my backup server. 


AFAIK, there’s no way to make that happen since the computer will assign the next available letter to the device that you plug in.

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Man ok, thank you I thought for sure there was something out there like a program or a back way of doing it. Well I’ll keep searching if I can’t find anyhting them back to tapes I go, once again thank you.

Hi Genaro, you should be able to do this by assigning a drive letter between M and Z, that should be enough to make sure another drive doesn’t take the same drive letter. 

How to change the drive letter assignment in Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP or 2000

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I’ve looked into that as well, the thing that I was trying to do was set a USB port with a driver letter that would never change so my backup would be able to backup to that path that it is setup for, but what I have learned is that anytime I change the external hard drive the letter keeps changing as well. I was looking to see if their was anyway to keep the same drive letter on the USB port so it wouldn’t change, as I would swap out external hard drives. 

Now with that being said would you think that there would be a way to program the external WD hard drive so that every time that it is plugged in that it would find the drive letter that I need or want, or is there a back way of doing it so that it over rides Windows changing the drive path. Or am I just dreaming of the impossible?