Drive is write protection BEFORE initializing

I tried initializing my hdd internal hard drive (secondary) and it told me it was write protected and will not let my initialize the drive. I tried turning write protection off but the drive will not show up in file explorer for me to go into properties and change it. I tried every way I could look up to remove it, but every way I could find the drive needed to be initialized first.\

Hi: TheeCornerStone

Download Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for DOS (current version 5.27)

Follow the instructions to create a bootable USB.
Turn off you computer and remove the sata power connector from all the hard drives.
Connect the hard drive that you think may be defective.
Turn on the computer.
Set your bios to boot from a USB device.
Type dosdlg.exe

Select WRITE ZEROS TO DRIVE and do a full erase.

It should take about 2.5 hrs depending on the computer (2 to 2.5 hours per tera byte).

It not only erases the hard drive but it also checks to see if it is working properly.

if the drive is defective it will come back with an error code that WD support wants for a RMA.


Thanks for your help. Your suggestion did not work, but it gave me an idea that did. Now I can downloading all the games.