Drive is recognised by one Win 10 pc (PC1) but not PC2

WDBGPU0010BBL My Passport Ultra (WD Backup)
PC1 sees drive, PC2 does not - not in Disk Management.
Firmware updater will run on PC2 but cannot find drive.
Firmware updater will NOT run on PC1 “Unexpected Error”
Tried runing as Admin and Compatability Mode.
Tried reboot.
PC1 - which finds the drive OK - is an older machine.
Same thing happens on two other PCs - older one sees it, new does not.

Hi AF1,

You should follow the steps on your new PC provided in below KBA:

Hi Brandon
I’d already done all that.
WD sending replacement cable to try.

I can confirm, it was a faulty cable.

Works fine on USB3 now!