Drive has stopped working

The MyBook attached to my computer has stopped working. The fan inside is spinning but I don’t hear the drive spinning.
Also, the light on the front is lit but not flashing as it should when the disk is accessing files.




Unplug USB connector for a few seconds. Plug in with your ear close to case. Do you hear the drive powering up or any clicking?

If not, if you’re using Windows, does the drive appear in Computer Management under Disk Management? If you have Win 7, type computer management in the search engine under the Start button and press Computer Management in pop up window. Or find it under Administrative Tools.

Alternately, remove USB cable, unplug power supply, wait a few second, plug in power supply, and see if you can hear drive powering up. If so plug in USB cable and see if you can connect.

IMPORTANT: Run WD diagnostics on drive to see if it indicates errors or SMART issues.

Similar problem. My Book worked fine for a year. Now just a blinking white light. Does not show up in My Computer. Tried re-installing firmware, no change. WD software cant detect drive. No sound of anything happening in the My Book. Tried different USB ports, but no difference. Please help!

I had my WD drive attached to an add-in internal USB 3 card that I had added when I bought the PC. The card failed, & that is why my drive didn’t work. I found this out by moving the USB plug to a different one on the front of the PC. And I solved the problem by replacing the card. FYI. Good luck with your issue.

Allen in Orlando …

Thanks for the suggestion Allen but I tried all 3 of my USB ports and no luck though they work for other devices and they are native to the laptop