Drive freezing on video playback/odd file system


Using my WD drive as a media drive connected to my xbox 360. Two issues, one odd, one troublesome.

Firstly, everytime I use my xbox to browse the drive an extra folder gets added to the menu tree.

I.e, the navigation should be video/Media:TMS then I choose between “All Videos/By Date/ By Folder/By Year/Personal Rating/Playllists.”

However, everytime I nagivate to the drive extra folder options get added, there are currently 30(!!) extra “By Folder”, “By Year” and “Playlist” folders. If I turn the xbox off and on again, there’ll be even more folders added. Any idea??

The problem I’m then having is that a lot of video playback is pretty stuttery. Can go through a phase of pausing very frequently for 3 or 4 seconds. Terribly irritating when trying to get into a good movie!

I’m running the latest firmware, and these problems have occured since updating. I also have a ton of mp3s and photos on the drive, and I’m wondering if the drive is having trouble indexing so many items…Any settings help to correct this would be hugely appreciated!

How do you access the MBW? As as share or as a media server? Can you please provide more details like the configuration you have or what you have tried so far?

I have a fairly standard network at home. The hard drive is connected by ethernet to an aolynk 4 port router, xbox is connected to the same router. The computers I use to access the drive do so wirelessly.

Not sure how the xbox connects to it, I never changed it so it’s however it does it by default. PC’s just connect to it as a shared drive.

I imagine the xbox is reading it as a media server using the twonky software. Can I get it to bypass that and just read it as a shared drive? How?