Drive Failure reported


I have a My Book Live Duo with 2 2TB drives in the ‘maximum protection RAID 1 configuration’ 

I will occasiaonlly get reset or power out messages from the device.  This morning I got a ‘drive failur message’

Following events are generated on your MyBookLiveDuo Santana20.
Event title:Drive failed
Event description:Drive failed in location B
Event code:2201
Event time:04-03-2015 08:01:12 AM

I checked the drive through the dashboard, and both drives show ‘good’ status.

has anyone seen this before?  

does this typically lead to more messages and complete failure?

any recomendations on which HD to use and replace the current drive?



Hi there,

Have you tried doing a diagnostic on the unit, go to utilities and there you will see the diagnostic option, to run a short test on the drive then a full test and lets see what happens. In any  case i would recommend contacting support in case one of the drives has to be replaced: