Drive drops off network constantly - however can still access media through apps

Hi there, I have had my drive since January and it has been working great with no problems whatsoever. 

However, three days ago I noticed that I was not able to upload any files to it. I am also unable to access the dashboard.

My operating system is Windows 8.1

What works: I can access the drive through the android and Ipad mobile apps. I can access the drive through my smart blue ray player to play music and videos

What does not work: The drive does not show up in my two laptops. None of the desktop applications work Sometimes it will show up in my network however I cannot access it.

What I have tried: I have reset the drive using the pin hole on the back and reinstalled all software - it then shows up for a few hours and I am able to upload files however it then disappears again. Even though the drive appears to be working and is connected to my network as it can play movies through the mobile applications and my smart blueray player the WD setup software does not find it.

None of the software works that I can find - I tried using the wd discovery software and it worked once however stopped again after an hour or so. 

I tried installing the software on my windows 7 laptop and I have the same problems. 

Any ideas?

Based on what I read I believe this is more of a network issue. Make sure your network type is set to Home or Work in the Network and Sharing Center (Control Panel option) for both computers, and then try to find the NAS’s IP address by typing the command “ping WDMYCLOUD” (Minus quotes) in the Command Prompt on either system. If they get the IP address, proceed to open the Dashboard by using it on a web browser, and you can also access the NAS by typing two backslashes (\) followed by the IP address on Windows Explorer.