Drive doesn't power off when I shut down my MAC

I have the My Book Essential drive.  I did a firmware update and every since then, the WD drive stays powered up when I shut down the MAC.  I didn’t do this until I updated the firmware.

After the firmware updated, have you power cycle the WD drive?

If not, please do that before new change takes effect.

Or try the firmware update again, to make sure it updates successful.

Or re-download the firmware update from WD website and do the firmware update one more try.

Sometimes file download may corrupted.

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The update appeared to go just fine.  Followed the online instructions which had me unplug the power AND usb cables.   Next  it had me restart the MAC and then put the power and usb cables back in.   Backup seems to be working just fine.  

Now I can’t even locate the place to update the firmware…Not having a good day.