Drive doesn't load aka not detected

I have a WD elements 1 TB.
I hooked it up via USB 3.0 to my PC and it just doen’t load anymore.
I open device manager and I get this:

So, the drive is being recognised but not loading in My Computer:

Never ever does this green bar finish loading.

So, I am not able to access my drive. I do have important data on it, with no other backup.

I’ve tried the following solutions:

  1. A different system : i7-7th Gen, 12Gb Ram
  2. A different cable.
  3. WD LifeGuard Diagnostics - The software cant detect my drive.

Please help! Thanks in advance.

Hi, Did you try searching Knowledge Base? This seems to happen a lot. There should be an answer someplace.

If you’ve found something like this please do post the link.
It’ll be of great help.