Drive disconnects itself after 5min, works again after replugging to USB

Hello my Western Digital MY Passport is disconnecting itself after around 5 minutes. Unplugging it and plugging it back solves the problem and it works for 5 minutes again and then the same thing happens. I had no problems before and nothing changed on the hardware or software of my laptop.
I have tried to switch cables with an identical working WD My passport but it doesn’t matter so I ruled out a cable problem.
Firmware is up to date and drive works fine when it’s connected.
Tried it on a different laptop and got the same problem.
Any suggestions what is going on and what I can do to troubleshoot this.
Thank you


Have you tried using a different USB cable. If not, please try that. Also, check for updates for the PC USB Drivers.

I tried another cable but it didn’t help and all my drivers are up to date.