Drive disconnects by touching the cable

I have a My Passport 1tb and when I touch or move just a little bit the cable, the drive disconnects from the computer and connects again.

Is this a bad cable or a malfunction usb port in the drive?

This doesn’t happen with other drives.


I just bought the same EHD not even 2 weeks ago, and my entire USB port just broke off from the cable issues


can you post pic here?

@willynanita  have you check your USB port have loose or no?


i bought my Hard disk  (My passport) of 750 GB  2 days back, first the cable is very tight, i cant disconnect the cable in normal way- i have to use some more stress to pull it out and now it become lose and showing that USB port mal function , replace the unit,  and i have to press that port  (connecting to HD)  then it is working,  i want it to be work properly , can anybody help me please

Thank you

so it’s meaning the USB port loose?

solution wrote:

@willynanita  have you check your USB port have loose or no?

I don’t have a loose USB port on my PC, if that’s what you’re asking. There must be something wrong with the drive’s USB port or the cable.

I never unplug the cable from the drive because it is like it’s glued to the port, it is very difficult to pull out, I’m afraid I may break it.


I just got a 500Gb My Passport Studio and am experiencing the same thing.

I’ll start my own thread. I wonder if the cable problems at WD will ever go away. I’ve been waiting on this cable,, to become available for over a year now. Until then my Passport Studio 320Gb Firewire/USB portable drive is useless. I honestly, no fingers crossed, use if for a paperweight.

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