Drive disconnect and network problems

I have a seagate external drive hooked up directly to the WD TV Live, and I access a WD MyBook network drive wirelessly for other files.

Sometimes, during playback (network and direct connect) the video will abruptly stop and I will get a screen saying that I shouldn’t disconnect the drive while it’s in use.  Of course, I didn’t disconnect it.

At times, the directly connected drive will have an error saying that the WD can’t discover or store the media list on this drive (Seagate free agent go flex drive).

Also, randomly the wireless is having problems being discovered.  Sometimes I have to reboot the unit so that it will recognize the network drive.  It will show up, but when I select it, it disappears and then does the arrow spin ‘please wait’ thing forever.

The last issure I’m having is with the video resolution.  The WD keeps resetting to 720P when I want 1080.  The TV absolutely supports the highest resolution, but still, this resets at least 3 or 4 times a week.

All of my equipment is run from battery backup units with brownout filters, so nothing is losing power in the system.

I still think this is an excellent system, and it gets a ton of use, but it would be great if some of these things got cleaned up.

Thank you!


The last problem you mentioned about the video resolution resetting has been going on for a long time. I have been posting about this problem for over a year now. When you use an HDMI connection, the TV and the WD box talk to each other to determine the correct video resolution, frequency, and color space to use (handshaking). However, the handshaking does not work correctly with all TVs. Also, after you set up the video manually, the WD box will not remember the setting after you power off and on. My Live Plus frequently powers on set at the wrong frequency and color space. Sometimes, the WD box will change the video resolution and/or the color space values while it is just sitting there idle on the home screen.This has been very annoying. Hopefully, this will be fixed in the next release, but there is not too much we can do except to let WD know how annoying the problem is and ask them to please fix it.

As far as the external Seagate…I don’t know if this is your problem, but I have seen posts that said the Seagate drives sometimes go to sleep and do not wake up properly so that the WD box does not recognize that it is there.