Drive disappears on startup, slow spead on drive aswell

hello, I’ve got two wd drives, one older and one just brand new for storage.

250gb - WDC WD2500JS-22MHB0 (7200rpm, 8mb cache, sata1)

2000gb-  WD20EARS-00MVWB0 (Jumpers set for single partition xp) (5400rpm, 32mb cache, sata2)

mobo- a8s-x

os- win-xp 32bit

So the first problem for me is whenever I enter sleep mode and exit it, the drive completely disappears from my computer, device manager etc, untill I restart the computer.

The second problem is the speeds when copying between and from the second hardrive is considerably slow, and renders my first harddrive in a state of inability to of function.

Any insight would be appreciated, Besides these two things, the drives have been working fine. The speeds are manageable but I have to leave my computer on transfering data between disks, I fixed this by using the 2tb drive for storage+temporary, instead of my 250gb being temporary.

The drive disapeering from sleep/standby turns me off from future wd products, because I need standby/sleep to work.