Drive crashing - advice for model WDBAAX5000ENC

I installed a 500MB SATA hard drive, model WDBAAX5000ENC about a month ago and it crashed.  

I have WIN XP on one hard drive, an older one, and WIN 7 on the WD hard drive I recently installed.  I can usually open either one when I boot up my PC.  

The new WD drive freezes up when it does come on, and when it won’t come on, sometimes I can see it from my other hard drive and sometimes I can’t.  In other words, sometimes I can still navigate to the files on the WD drive, and sometimes the drive itself doesn’t show up at all.  

Is it dead?  Are there any troubleshooting steps I can take to fix it or do I need to uninstall the thing and take it back to Staples?  


Hello Mate,

Run the Western Digital DLG tool, you can download the application from the

Update - I ran the DLG tool and received errors. It tried to repair and couldn’t.  I also plugged it in elsewhere and had the same problems.  Looks like it’s just plain broken.  

If anything is important on the drive, go to an authorized WD data recovery facility, then RMA it.  If nothing is important, RMA the drive and it will be replaced for you.